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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Finally had my MRI for my jaw! Never ever worry or have been scared when having treatment or tests...but that MRI was scary! They locked my head in to this mask thing so that the images taken of my jaw were clearer etc. I mean I know you cant exactly move in an MRI scan, but this just made me feel restricted to the extreme. eek. Didnt help that he tried to inject the dye in to the exact spot where i'd just had blood taken from! I did however get to wear a hospital gown, in which i find super comfy. happy days. Talk of happy days, i also had hydro - I always used to complain about it, but jeez it felt so lovely! I mean my muscles ached like anything but it was good to use them and have the warmth of the feeling for my joints! Also been back to acupuncture today - bigger needles in my back this time! Much more relaxing than the other times if i'm honest! again happy days.

Had a great weekend, with all my friends at a friends Halloween Party! Must say i'm feeling good at the moment, so I was able to join in without moaning too much to my mum the next day! Looking forward to seeing them all again Thursday for my birthday meal! Again hopefully i'll be feeling gooooooood! Although, a meal does entail using my jaw - ouch!

Got in the christmas mood today, having my nails done all sparkly and going to the garden centre to see the christmas decorations display! Got to admit I was more interested in the fact they have goats there now though! - I want one! So cute!

Another good note, after applying 20 days ago I got my first uni offer from Leicester! So it looks like i'll be going to uni next year! Feels like everythings going right and I can look forward to a bright future (fingers crossed).

So i'll leave you with all these good points - for once!
But can we just remember all those in the States affected by the storm - sending this luck im having their way! Any of my readers from there, hope you're ok! :') <3

Love C xox

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