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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Music and Books

Seeing as I had such a huge gap where I didnt write I'm gonna try my best to post as much as I can at the moment :)

I thought I'd write about music and books.. you're probably thinking, why? What on earth has music and books got to do with Arthritis?! Well.. i'll tell you what!..

Music and books are the best 'escapisms' you could possibly want to come across. If you're in pain, or just feeling fatigued and in one of those moods where you want to have as little contact as possible with the outside world; which I find during some phases, you get often with this disease! You just put in your headphones or curl up with a book and within a few moments you're in a world of your own, almost away from the pain and hurting and the endless hospital appointments and treatments you know you have to endure. Okay so you have to come back to reality, but you do with everything... and it's not like when your on holiday and you come back and you have to wait what feels like forever to escape back to the sandy beaches and beaming sun.. you can just pick up a book or turn on your music whenever.. you can be where you want and sit how you want.

Personally I always find that artists with raw, honest lyrics that you can relate to help the best... Ron Pope has got to be the best for this. This probably sounds weird because it's still thinking about whats going on, but it just works for me. However I suppose some people want the complete opposite so they'll listen to some upbeat music and dream that they can actually dance to it all night long... I do however do this with books.. Without a doubt I'll always pick up a crime based novel or something to do with someone being in the police or an agent etc. I'll get completely lost in the book thinking it's a story of my life and yet I know I can no longer do any of it.. *sigh*...

weird psychology right there!

But there you have it..

Love C xox

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