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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

im 18!!!!!!!!! :)

I'm 18!!! WOOOOOOOOO! Finally an Adult!

So exactly 10 days ago! It was my birthday:) It was SO good! I went out with my friends on the thursday for a lovely meal, so good to see everyone together again and was just generally super nice! Then went to London with my mum to get my Louis Vuitton bag and Tiffany earrings. Just want to say the woman in Louis Vuitton who took care of us was wonderful! She was in training and she was just absolutely fantastic, she didn't even look the slightest bit annoyed when I took forever to choose which bag I wanted, so woooo to her! Anywho, only managed 2 hours if that before I had to leave! Standing up on the tube and walking around London being hit by everyone that passes you and having to run over the road because cars hardly stop for you is NOT fun for anyone let alone someone with arthritis. Then had to stand the whole hour and a half train journey back home during which some man swung his suitcase in to my knee!! Again not fun. Really not fun.. had to hold back the tears! On the Saturday went to Leicester where my whole family went out for a meal and then we went to my nanas for fireworks - it was super lovely and again great to see everyone! Sunday was my birthday and I was absolutely spoiltttttt! I even got a louis vuitton cake to match my bag! Lots of presents and oh my it was just the best birthday ever, I was so spoilt! So thank you to everyone who made it wonderfullllll! :)

Also, Im going to see Ron Pope, and I cant wait. Imagine if he read this? How cool would that be.
I'm also going to the launch of the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Adolescent Rheumatology in London, which i'm looking forward toooo! Shall write about both when they come round :)

Love C xox

p.s also got the results from my MRI (not good!) and my enbrel has finally been delivered after a couple of weeks of not having it..again not good! shall write about it next time!

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