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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Okay so i'm just gonna talk about yesterday, so I woke up, at a time that no one should be awake..
Off I went to hydro, got there and my physio told me "its time to fly the nest". This time last year I'd have been terrified at this thought and probably would have just stood there until she got in the pool and did the exercises with me.. But this time I just hobbled on up to the pool steps, got in and spent the 20 minute session by myself doing the same routine i'd done for so long. I can't even describe the feeling you get when you realise you've made such improvements, it was great! The boy in the pool with me looked so poorly and in so much pain from the exercises he was doing, you could tell his thoughts were "why am I here, this wont do anything" - exactly mine when I first began all my physio a year and a half ago. I just wanted to tell him, keep going and you wont need those crutches or that assistance and that face your pulling at the pain will disappear, you just have to keep going. I hope I just keep improving, and dont descend back in to how I was, like last time.

In the afternoon I attended the Arthritis Research UK launch for the Adolescent Rheumatology Centre at the institute for child health in London. Which is in partnership with University College London, Univeristy College London Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.. (hope I got all that right) It was really good to see what they're going to be doing at the centre! Also enjoyed speaking to someone about setting up a fundraising group in Bath!
Arthritis Research UK do so many amazing things and without their work I wouldnt be where I am today and nor would thousands of other children and adults. I urge anyone who can to get behind them and donate to their work, the dedication of people is already there now all that is needed to make this project bigger and better, is money. Its only gonna benefit you and those you care about, so you've nothing to lose. Get donating! :)

Desperate for my Jaw steroid injection now! - I say this so randomly because I just yawned and it killed!

Love C xox

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