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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Physio's, heels and christmas.

Just trying to remember what has actually happened since I last posted, but I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night so this may fail and be totally random. 

However, what I can remember (because this is as exciting as my life gets) is that I have a new physio! Do I hear you say, wooooooo?! Well wooo, indeeed. Instead of telling me to exercise through the pain cause its not pain that will damage me she's told me do what you can, but do not cross the very thin line between letting your muscles ache and causing pain to flare. Well you'd think that was obvious, but when someones telling me cross it and anothers telling me dont, I feel like a little lost sheep with no clue what to do! But I like her theory more, so i'll stick with it. We came up with a new stretches routine and a new GYM routine. Thats right, you just read the word GYM. Guess whose back in the gym, oh wait I AM! Instead of going crazy and diving in at the deep end like last time and going backwards instead of forwards i'm taking it slow... and if that means doing 5 minutes on each machine to build up then so be it. I might look like a lazy person to those who do not know me but those 5 minutes feel like i'm RUNNING (not walking, even though I am going at walking pace) up Mount Kilmanjaro! I'm starting to not feel like the person I used to be and I'm so much more accepting of my illness and who I have had to become, looking at this and reading what I can do now compared to what I used to be able to do, still seems a bit bizarre but not surreal anymore. I like that.
Anywho, I have 4 months of this strength training, and just under a year before uni to get ready! We'll see how that goes... If I start to lag, send me some abuse which will make me carry on!  I also now have the stick on needles for acupuncture so I can wear them at home all day if need be :) wonder if it'll actually relax me all day...

This is my second Christmas with RA and I'm not on steroids, so I dont have to watch what I eat. Bloody Brilliant! Saying that though, I can hardly eat because I need steroids injected in to my jaw, I still wait for this as it continues to worsen.. Also managed a few festivities.. guys, I even wore heels. This was the craziest idea I ever had but I had to do it - I probably could have picked smaller ones, but lets do things properly here.

This looks like it's turning in to a list of "things you can do to stick your fingers up at arthritis"

Actually that's not a bad idea! We should all do that! ^ . I used to worry that if I did things like that, i'd feel crap for it the next day ( I always do ) But it was getting boring not being spontaneous and living in hope. And one of my pain management doctors said some wise words... "act your age, be spontaneous at times, but expect the pain and to be in bed the next day instead of just hoping you wont and then feeling crap cause you are" - such a better approach. I did this. I went out 2 days and 2 nights non-stop on little sleeep. And now, now i'm in bed, yesterday I was in the worst pain...But this time I expected it.

I've always said if you're gonna be in pain anyway you might aswell do the things you enjoy (but shouldnt be doing) and be in pain too!

So I'll leave you with this, I'll try to blog before Christmas, but I am very busy with the end of college stuff, so if not... have a merry christmas and a wonderful new year!

Love C xox

P.S. Thoughts out to those involved in the Connecticut shootings. XXX

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