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Monday, 28 January 2013

Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello,

I have just finished watching some videos from a project I was involved in a while back now.. in a few months I shall be able to share this with you! But for now, i'm gonna have a rant at how angry I am.. cause thats what I do best on here.

I just finished watching them and although it is so inspiring and informative finding out how others cope..and I know that this site is going to HELP so many people because the researcher Dr Ben Simmons has completely caught the right angle on the whole thing and captured nothing but the truth. It kinda angers me at how much arthritis ruins things for people, myself included. I mean most of us are cool with it now, we have our down days but most of the time can handle that... but its just so sad that it ruins peoples dreams and stops them from doing things they enjoy... i dont care how much the doctors give it "you can lead a normal life" A) theres no such thing really is there? and B) no you bloody well cant.
I'd like to see them lead what they think is a "normal" life whilst trying to balance medication, hospital visits, pain and fatigue. Keeping up with an illness and keeping up with an active life is near to impossible!

Anyway the reason it angers me so much is because it ruins lives and yet people still just thinks its some "aches and pains".


Anyway on  another  note, I saw my physio today... dont have to go see her again! She's put me on a discharged sos.. so if I wanna go see her, I can just ring up..otherwise im free! Now I just need to get free from the other physio! Oh life!

I would just like to point out although this seems like a massive moany post, i'm actually currently really happy -  I fell up the stairs and landed on my bad hip today (metal stairs!) I DIDNT EVEN CRY. told you i was happy..

Love C xox

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