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Monday, 21 January 2013

jaw injections

Sorry I havent posted in a while! Had no internet connection! :(


Last week, I went in to hospital for my steroid injections into my jaw! Arrived at 10:15am and didn't go down to theatre until 16:50pm WHAAAT. There were 10 of us and I just happened to be the oldest..although I was told I look 14 not 18. great stuff.  So yeah I had to wait! Which was annoying considering I had to starve myself! I dont think i've moaned about wanting a packet of cookies so much in my life.. at least i'd finally be able to eat them again after these injections!

Anyway went down to theatre just under an hour later I woke up! Much to my embarassment apparently i didnt stop talking when coming round and was just shouting and talking about random nonsense! I have no recollection. :| nor do I have recollection of putting a sick bowl (no sick inside it!) on my head and then throwing it at my mum...but theres video evidence! :/ (sorry mum!) Well at least I made everyone laugh I guess?!

However...the anaesthetic wore off and the painkillers did not kick in! :( So being me I begged for morphine. and I got it! with a catch of course... I had to eat a ham sandwhich. I couldnt even open my mouth to fit the bread in my mouth! so unbelievably painful.

Anyway beeeen over a week now. Still a bit soreeee but hopefully it'll be fine! woooooo :)


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