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Friday, 15 February 2013

Feeling like a walking zombie! Fatigues getting the better of me lately and i just cant seem to function! Ask me something at the current moment in time and my response will literally just be "yeh whatever".  At least I have a week off from college so me and my bed have been spending some much needed quality time together.

I had what was supposed to be my last ever appointment with my peadatrician team last week - he wants to see me again in 4 months even though everythings going kind of ok.. but I do have an adult rheumy now.. a lady this time! I hear she's very good, so maybe she'll fix me up so that i'm not spending my holidays in bed.

Not much been happening lately, not been too well, ended up in A and E with severe neck pain and then spent the next couple of days vomitting - body cant take the tramadol anymore. Got new glasses aswell! (you know you've got it bad when new glasses excite you :/)

Not much else to say tbh.
I'll post soon with something of more interest I hope.

Love C xox

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