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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Its been a long time since I posted, oops!

Have a had a flare up recently :( Hips hurt so much so that I have been on crutches! Only limit myself to about 2 days on them if I can, otherwise I begin to either rely on them or just refuse to move cause its so much hassle, also my wrists begin to hurt and flare if i stay on them too long! So im hobbling instead - but they're moving so starting to feeeel better, obvs! woooo!

Been to see the OT recently - I have a very bent finger :( which means? NEW SPLINTS. of course..
Unfortunately where it has been bent for so long, my tendons have shortened and so stretching my finger out hurts all the way up my wrist/forearm :( OH WELL. I also was given these sillicon writing pad things to go on my finger because it hurts to write at the momento, eek! Bit of a broken mess atm..

I also have a skin problem! Thought it was Psoriasis but it doesnt have the nature of Psoriasis - it really hurts! :( So waiting to see the Dermatologist in 4 weeks, at another new hospital! The list is getting longer.. Unfortunately its on my mums  birthday, but she didn't seem to fussed about it! I mean surely being in hospital is better than being at work for your birthday, no? Anywhoooo, i'm sure i'll write about that when I find out what it is! Hopefully it will be sorted by summer, cause I want to wear flip flops and tshirts and at the moment i'm just too self concious! Also its spreading on my feet and making it very difficult to walk! Ergh!

What next?!

Hope everyones wellll,

Love C xox

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