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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Boyce Avenue

Hey guyyyyyyyyyys!

So last night I went to a Boyce Avenue Concert in Bath with my boyfriend! It was so so so so good! We played it quite well, we went and sat in a bar until the queue had gone down so I didn't have to stand around and then we still managed to get a good view! And although there weren't any seats I managed to park my bum on the railing next to a wall so didn't have to stand! :-) Anyway they were absolutely AMAZZZZZZING. Definitely worth the pain! Loved it!

So after finishing college I enjoyed my summer because obviously I've spent the majority of the last 2 summers in hospital :( I was then gonna go on a break kinda like a gap year but not for a year just until march when I want to go on a Funeral Service course. But i'm bored already, so i'm looking for a job, but its impossible :( i'm off to my jobcentre appointment tomorrow, yay. Someone give me a job. please.

Seeing my best friend Charlie tomorrow, I think we may go swimming so that should be fun! Just gonna chill.

ALSO, it's National Arthritis Week SOOON! Starting October 7th!

Anywho i'll post soon!

Love C xox

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